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Help and suggestions for your missing policy

Policy Locating 21-03-17

There are few things that are more painful than the loss of a loved one. After the funeral services, it may then be difficult to spend months sorting out their affairs. The grieving process only gets harder when you have to wrestle with missing insurance information – or worse – conflicts over their final wishes.

If you suspect your Loved One may have had a life insurance policy, you may be eager to track down the details. This is especially important if you think you should receive money as the beneficiary. When we locate a policy for your deceased loved one – and if you have the authority to receive the details – that insurance company will contact you directly, usually in less than 8 to 10 days. Government Agencies usually require 90 days or more, just to get a first response.

The insurance company may ask for additional details, like a copy of a death certificate (Never give away your Original Copy,) or documentation proving you have the authority to receive the policy details.


  • Check storage and bank safe deposit boxes for documents.
  • Contact your loved one’s financial advisors.
  • Look for copies of life insurance applications.
  • Call past employers and to about the company life insurance policies.
  • Review bank statements for any insurance payments.
  • Watch your loved one’s mail for insurance statements.
  • Review past tax returns for policy activity like interest or deductions.
  • Reach out to Insured’s state – Call the Unclaimed Property Office.
  • A new service from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), using Taxpayer dollars, may offer to make a “search” for you. They have named this “a free tool to search for missing life insurance policies.” After you fill out their online form, NAIC will “put you on their Laundry List” for participating companies. No personal or individual support is provided.