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About Paul Archibald: Insurance hunter

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Question: Who started this business?

People have been buying life insurance for hundreds of years. During that time, there were simple rules: The Policy and its attachments are the complete contract, to be held by the Insured/Policy Owner, who must pay premiums when due. Claims are paid by the Company, following a reasonable investigation of facts presented by the Beneficiary following the death of the Insured, accompanied by a death certificate. During those days, when the Company was not notified of the death of its Insured, the policy would lapse for non-payment of premium or would shrink in value as Cash Values were used up to pay billed premiums. If a beneficiary did not know the policy was in force, or did not know what Company had issued the policy, giving Notice was not achievable in many, many cases; resulting in claims not getting processed.

About 1993, Paul D. Archibald, who served the Life Industry for 30 years at that time, started developing a concept for helping members of the public to find out what Life Insurance was in-force, and how to develop contact information about the Issuing Company. Using E-mail and Telephone as the principal means of communication, he placed an ad in the NY Law Journal in early 1995, inviting inquiries from potential customers and their Lawyers, so that Lost Life Insurance Policies could be located.

Mr. Archibald was a Market Conduct Examiner for the VA State Department of Insurance at the time of publication. He did not obtain prior permission (which would have been denied,) for these activities, and was asked to choose only one of the two “occupations” he was following, to avoid “the appearances of conflict of interest.” He works in the Life Insurance business was under the jurisdiction of the Department of Insurance, but they determined that they had nothing to do with the “Searching for Lost Life Insurance.” Without any of the appearances of Conflict of Interest, advertising for the new venture was started immediately, and he was not permitted to continue his career with the Insurance Department. Thus began the first establishment anywhere in the world dedicated to the Proposition that all men and woman could be assisted and instructed in the art of finding lost or “policies whose whereabouts were unknown,” for a reasonable fee of 18-cents per search letter faxed to licensed life insurance companies on the customer’s behalf. The first web site for the company was started in 1999. MIB wrote in 2002 that they would no longer respond to our faxed inquires to them since they already had “file histories they could sell” without making any additional search efforts; their imitation of our concept turned out to be the second company to discuss matters relating to finding lost life insurance policies. However, at that time, all records more than 8 years old had been destroyed, so they stopped destroying old records when this effort was initiated in 2002.

Question: Paul Archibald: Insurance Hunter - Why that name?

Answer: Like all genuine success stories, the start-up and continuation of this business dedicated to serving the Under-served, is mainly hard-work and dedication. Phones ring almost 24 hours a day, and people needing advice and assistance are looking for somebody to talk to who knows “How things get done,” and what makes “Things go wrong.” An answering machine performs none of those functions. Only a trained and talented individual can provide the required support functions. We use an answering machine only in the event of overload, so customers can leave a number, and we call them back between morning and midnight – with the customer stating his preference in the message she or he leaves.

Question: How Long has Paul Archibald: Insurance Hunter been in Business?

We have continuously served the entire U.S. And its possessions, and parts of Canada since our initial beginnings in 1995.

Question: Can you really find Lost Life Insurance policies?

Answer: We tell all callers the same facts: If there was a policy in full effect on the day the Loved One Died, we can find it. It is important to remember when making a decision whether or not to pursue a search, that the premium for the insurance must have been paid up to and including the day death occurred for there to have been insurance in effect. (Special consideration for Grace Period.)

Question: Who is Paul Archibald: Insurance Hunter?

Paul Archibald, Now 80 years of age, he started in the Life Insurance business in May, 1962, and he worked for 23 years in 4 different Life Insurance Company Home Offices (all but one of those companies closed or was sold to “New Ownership” since then. He then worked almost 5 years for the VA State Insurance Commissioner, Mr. Steven Foster. He was required to give up his Life and his P&C Licenses while working for the State, but when into Agency/Selling policies work to raise his 4 children while he built L.L.I.F.E. Into a very successful company, helping Widows and Children in all 50 states to this very day.
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Question: Who will answer the phone when I call?

The highest-ranking employee in the office when it rings – who is not already on the phone! History reveals that the majority of incoming phone calls are answered by Mr. Archibald himself

Question: How Do you find lost Life insurance policies?

There is no secret to this question. I have told everyone I know over and over again. When I started, there were over 500 separate Life Insurance Companies doing business in the U.S. Today, that number is down to just under 400. If your loved one had a policy in force on the day he died, one of them has it. To find the policy, just write a letter to every one of those companies, give them your identifying information, so they can communicate with you, and give them all the identifying information relating to your loved one, and ask them if they can search their records for you. If you know any facts about the policy, its age, size, type, etc., you should include that information in your letter. If you give them a reasonable time to do a search for you, they will write you back when or if they find matching information. That is what we do, but we have all 400 letters ready to go out for you within 24 hours.

Question: What is the Quickest Way to get results?

By Using our online form, and filling out the information form as completely as possible. If you decide you want to submit your information form and payment via mail, with an enclosed check for payment, please just send it via First Class Mail. Avoid and “Special Services”, such as Registered Mail or Signature Required, as these cause more issues for us, and usually end up with us having to make a 30-minute drive to the post office to pick them up.