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Paul Archibald:
Insurance Hunter


About Paul Archibald:
Insurance Hunter

Please allow me to introduce myself:

My name is Paul Archibald. I am over 80 years old, and I CAN help locate old insurance policies.

I have been “in” the Life Insurance business since May 1962. I was discharged from the USAF and immediately employed by the Western-Southern Life Insurance Company. They hired me to become a “Management Candidate” at their Home Office in Cincinnati, OH. That is over 58 years of continuous work and service to customers and Beneficiaries of the Life Insurance Industry.

My business, for the last 30 years, consists of assisting Life Insurance Customers, by letter, e-mail, and telephone, from my home in Richmond, VA. Most people ask about “Lost” life insurance policies. Since I work from home, I am frequently available during evening hours, and on Holidays and Weekends. Thank the Lord for telephone answering machines and e-Mail. That allows me moments to sing in my Church choir and to sing some “Barbershop Harmony” in our local Chorus.
If you leave a message, and repeat important numbers and statements slowly two times, I’ll have a message waiting for me when I return that is clear and correct. I return every phone call that contains clear, precise information. Remember not to tell your story on the recording; instead, record INFORMATION about how to contact you, and when (and how late!)

Paul Archibald, In front of his family insurance business. Still helping clients like you at 80 years old. And still sharp as a tack!