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Paul Archibald:
Insurance Hunter


Policy Locator & Recovery Service

Paul D. Archibald, CLU: Insurance Hunter

Are you missing out on life insurance money?

  • When a loved one dies, how do you find out if they had any Life Insurance?

  • Who gets that money, if nobody knew what insurance existed or where to collect?

  • Were you supposed to be a beneficiary?

We will check each and every life insurance company at its headquarters to ask if they have any records about the life insurance policies you are seeking!

We check with just under 400 separate companies for $108.50

-Less than your cost of Letters with Postage-

The Problem

Do you suspect that a loved one paid premiums for a policy that was never paid at the time of death? Is it possible that proceeds are being held for you from unclaimed life insurance policies? Or individual annuities? Or unpaid pension plans? If so, you should notify the issuing company immediately that you wish to file a claim.

The Solution

Paul Archibald: Insurance Hunter maintains a database of insurance company names and addresses – ready to go at all times – which has been growing over the past 15 years.

After crafting a satisfactory letter for you from the details and information you provide, we then forward your letter directly to all the insurance Claims Centers in the United States. We ask the skilled clerks working in every major life insurance records area to search company records for the policies you seek.

If life insurance policies do exist at the moment of death, they should be found, and they should be paid to the proper beneficiaries! We help you find the unpaid policies, at a cost lower than you would spend for the stamps to contact each company yourself!

Getting Started

Contact us today. There are Over 440 Separate LIFE Insurance Companies. We send all of them letters, with information we gather from you, to recover your benefits – just $108.50

File your claim

After you file your claim the company will assist you, by furnishing necessary forms and advice.  There is no charge for this service by insurance companies.

Create a satisfactory letter

After crafting a satisfactory letter for you from the details and information you provide, we then forward your letter directly to all the insurance Claims Centers in the United States.

Contact Insurance companies

Employees of the various insurance companies receive your letter, search their records, and answer directly to you, not to L.L.I.F.E. Our task is complete when all the companies receive your inquiry.

Get results

You will receive written replies directly from individual companies or their employees we contacted for you.

Need help locating a policy?

If you suspect your Loved One may have had a life insurance policy, you may be eager to track down the details.

Get In Touch

File a claim and take back your money the right way

Mission Statement

In 10 day or less we can locate your policies

provide due diligence

We assist attorneys and estate settlement officers to discern facts about total worth of estates for probate and to discharge obligations to provide due diligence to clients before estates are formally closed.

Assist bereaved family members

We assist with problems faced when a loved one dies without revealing adequate information about in-force life insurance.

locate records

We assist deserving family members to locate records and information that was previously unknown to them.

Low-cost & highly efficient

We provide the general public and probate attorneys with a low-cost, highly efficient means to find death benefits, pension benefits, and annuity values for deceased clients’ family members.

I respond quickly and personally

We respond quick to inquiries received from potential beneficiaries of lost life insurance policies in a friendly and personal way, without cost, when possible.

Prevent wrongdoing

We assist Law Enforcement officers to eliminate the possible motive of wrongdoing for financial gain inherent in some investigations of unusual death.

The Results

Your Ultimate Peace of Mind


“To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this to thank Mr. Archibald for his help in locating the insurance company that we had a burial insurance policy with for my mother. She passed away at the end of August, 2009, and we could not find the policy, or even remember the name of the insurance company. Having to pay for funeral arrangements out-of-pocket would have been devastating to our family’s financial condition. I was very close to being in despair that we would ever find the insurance company and get the money for the funeral expenses.

But within 3 days of Mr. Archibald’s service beginning their search, we received a phone call from the insurance company that we had the policy with. I can’t express how relieved and happy we were to have found it! Thank you so much for your help, Paul.

To those of you in similar straits, I urge you to use Lost Life Insurance Finders instead of any other such service, even though you might pay a little less for another one. Why? Because with Lost Life you will be SURE that the search will be done right and get the results you need, as we so desperately did.

Thank you again for your help, Paul. My family and I will always remember and be grateful for your assistance.

You may give my e-mail address to anyone who wishes to confirm the veracity of this correspondence.”

Richard Scaturro & Family


I just got back from being out of town on business. As it turns out after many weeks, an insurance policy did turn up from Mutual of Omaha for my two nieces.

Great work

I will contact you as I mentioned for that burger the next time I’m in Richmond”

Peter Kelly

“Update – so far we have found one policy for my dad. My mom is the beneficiary for $2,000.00. Thanks for your help.”

Christina Johnson