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We can help you locate your life insurance, find policies, find companies, locate annuities & much more.

At Lost Life Insurance Finder Expert (L.L.I.F.E.) in Midlothian VA, we have more than 25 years of experience in the life insurance business.

  • When a loved one dies, how do you find out if they had any Life Insurance?
  • Who gets that money, if nobody knew what insurance existed or where to collect?
  • Were you supposed to be a beneficiary?

In 10 days or less, we can check each and every life insurance company at its headquarters to ask if they have any of the life insurance policies you are looking for!

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Over 420 Separate LIFE Companies -
just $108.50

Less than the cost of Letters you would need to write to every company yourself!

Send a letter with full particulars and check to:
Paul Archibald
The Lost Life Insurance Finding Expert – (L.L.I.F.E.)
11630 E Briar Patch Dr.
Midlothian VA 23113

Email: LostLifeIns@gmail.com

You will receive written replies directly from individual companies or their employees we contacted for you.

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Our Mission Statement

To assist bereaved family members with problems faced when a loved one dies without revealing adequate information about in-force life insurance.

To respond quickly and personally to inquiries received from potential beneficiaries of lost life insurance policies in a friendly and personal way, without cost, when possible.

To provide the general public and probate attorneys with a low-cost, highly efficient means to find death benefits, pension benefits, and annuity values for deceased clients’ family members.

To assist attorneys and estate settlement officers to discern facts about total worth of estates for probate and to discharge obligations to provide due diligence to clients before estates are formally closed.

To assist deserving family members to locate records and information that was previously unknown to them.

To assist Law Enforcement officers to eliminate the possible motive of wrongdoing for financial gain inherent in some investigations of unusual death.

About Me, Paul D. Archibald

Paul ArchibaldPlease allow me to introduce myself: My name is Paul Archibald. I am over 73 years old. I CAN help locate old insurance policies.

Over the years, I discovered that people need help, from time to time, trying to locate insurance policies. One example might be the person who has reason to think he or she may be a beneficiary, but knows not the name of the insurance company holding the policy records.

People do die after telling others about large amounts of life insurance they purchased, without telling where the actual policies may be located.

To my knowledge, it is difficult to find needed assistance with these kinds of problems today. Claims personnel at insurance companies, who can check for coverages only within their own offices, frequently terminate conversations at that point by sending inquiring persons to their State Insurance Regulators.

Insurance Regulators tell inquirers (called Complainants) that there are no “databases” that would be needed to check across the country for in-force coverages.

Today, I do have a solution for all of these and related problems. You forward specific identifying data to me, perhaps by email or form-letter. I then prepare a Letter which we send to all the insurance companies in the United States. (More than 405.)

It always helps me do a better job for you, when you write a short narrative for me about your situation, so I will have the insight needed to more clearly describe your need to the insurance companies.

Additional Information is waiting for you – just call or e-mail right away if you can’t find your policy or are unsure if one exists.

We talk to you on the telephone. Ask us to reverse the charges when you call not only during regular work hours, but also on evenings and weekends. We work hard to provide a fast, easy, inexpensive search for unpaid life insurance policies issued as long as 80 years ago.

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